1. Third Coast Queer Muslims Meetup


    So since I moved back to Chicago I’ve been working closely with a friend to create a group for LGTBQ/MOGAI Muslims in the Chicagoland area. We created the Third Coast Queer Muslims group on facebook (with secret privacy settings to respect the privacy of our members) but have been struggling to figure out a meeting time due to our schedules. After lots of text tagging we’re finally having our first meeting pinned down. 

    Saturday, November 1st 

    If you’re interested please message my inbox for further details (for safety reasons mainly, so I know you’re not a troll) 

    Also if would be great if y’all could signal boost this 

  2. What is your policy on non-muslims following this blog?

    non-muslims are totally welcome to follow this blog 

  3. lehaaz:

    It’s important we establish our own narratives since in the larger political framework of “LGBTQ Rights” Muslim queer people are victimized. We are depicted as people who are victims because of “radical Islam” who are in need of White Imperial Intervention. Who are in need of White benevolence and liberal saviors. Also, it’s important we note that Queer Muslim voices are instrumentalised for a ‘homophobia’ debate which largely takes place among whites." Our identities are used as the basis for promoting imperial "liberation." As suggested by liberals, we in the west are liberated (Irshad Manji, et al. work promotes this idea) now we need to universalize this liberation, meaning we need to base our identities in imperialism.

    "queering Islam" to me suggests the idea how these Western identities are signs of civilization. liberation. modernity, and development, thus we need these westernize Islam in order for it to exist rightfully.

    I am queer, which means that I exist in a particular political context, I have to be careful on how I go about establishing my identity because like I’ve mentioned above. the liberal interest in “Queer Muslims” is nothing more than, yet, another way to justify intervention; Another way of labeling West as developed and liberated while all Muslims as people who need help. “Queer Muslim” identities have becomes very politicized that they are the basis for discussion on Islam and MENA/SA. 

    We are not your tragic Queer Muslim narrative, nor are we your exceptional liberated via Western benevolence narratives. We are not the model victims for liberals to liberate, and nor are we the model of liberation that others need to follow by “queering Islam”.

    We have the right to exist without our narratives being hijacked and co-opted, without changing our faith to fit into a western model of how faith should be practiced.

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