Image description: a verticle shot of a book cover. At the top of the book is the title “Islamicate Sexualities”, beneath it the subtitle “Translations across Temporal Geographies of Desire”. The primary and secondary title are separated by a thin line extending from the right side of the book. Beneath the title is a drawing of three people in brightly coloured clothing. Beneath them is the editors information “Kathryn Babayan” and “Afsaneh Najmabadi” with contributions by “Dina-Al Kassim, Sahar Amer, Brad Epps, Frederic Lagrange, Leyla Rouhi, Everett K. Rowson, and Valerie Traub.” 

book description: Islamicate Sexualities: Translations across Temporal Geographies of Desire explores different genealogies of sexuality and questions some of the theoretical emphases and epistemic assumptions affecting current histories of sexuality. Concerned with the dynamic interplay between cultural constructions of gender and sexuality, the anthology moves across disciplinary fields, integrating literary criticism with social and cultural history, and establishes a dialogue between historians (Kathryn Babayan, Frédéric Lagrange, Afsaneh Najmabadi, and Everett Rowson), comparative literary scholars (Sahar Amer and Leyla Rouhi), and critical theorists of sexualities (Valerie Traub, Brad Epps, and Dina al-Kassim). As a whole, the anthology challenges Middle Eastern Studies with questions that have arisen in recent studies of sexualities, bringing into conversation Euro-American scholarship of sexuality with that of scholars engaged in studies of sexualities across a vast cultural (Iberian, Arabic, and Iranian) and temporal field (from the tenth century to the medieval and the modern).

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